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This seaside province is located in the Andaman Sea. The province is full of white sandy beaches, crystal clear seawater, beautiful islands, verdant forest with caves, and waterfalls, including more than 100 offshore islands.

?Krabi is located 814 kilometres from Bangkok, covering an area of 4,708 square kilometres. From archaeological discoveries, it is believed that Krabi was one of the oldest communities in Thailand dating from the prehistoric period. It is also believed that Krabi was once the town of Ban Thai Samo, one of 12 royal cities that used a monkey as the town symbol. Krabi was a dependency town of the Nakhon Si Thammarat Kingdom. Another legend indicates that the town may have taken its name after the meaning of Krabi, which means sword. This may have stemmed from a legend that says an ancient sword was unearthed prior to the city?s founding. Later, the sword became a symbol of Krabi.

?The province consists of mountains, hills, plains, and mangrove forests, including more than 130 large and small islands. Krabi town has a 5-metre-long river, which flows through town and ends at the Andaman Sea in Tambon Pak Nam. There are several canals in Krabi including Khlong Pakasai (?????????), Khlong Krabi Yai (???????????) and Khlong Krabi Noi (????????????), all of them originate from Phanom Bencha mountain range, the highest mountain range in Krabi.


North: close to Pang Nga, Surat Thani
South: close to Trang, the Andaman Sea
East: close to Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Trang
West: close to Pant Nga, the Andaman Sea

Krabi Boek Fa Andaman Festival


The northern part of Krabi consists of mountain ranges and wavy land. While the southern part comprises scattering hills and wavy areas. The southern most and the southwestern parts are hilly and wavy. The 160-km coastal western part comprises about 130 islands. The internation-ally renowned islets are Koh Lan Ta and Koh Phi Phi. Krabi river, Pakasai canal, Krabi Yai and Krabi Noi canals are major water sources of the province.,


Tropical monsoon climate influenced by the southwestern wind and the northeastern wind. It rains throughout the year. The Province enjoys two seasons: the hot season starts from January to April, whereas the rainy season begins in May and ends in December

From the analysis and evaluation of the provincial environment and potential including the 9th National Economic and Social Development Plan and Public opinion, the following provincial development objectives have been determined.

" Krabi must be a hub of historic and eco-tourism and a province of sustainable agro-industry "

To achieve this ambitious vision, the following provincial development strategies have been mapped out.

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Krabi Boek Fa Andaman Festival is annually held to inaugurate the province?s tourist season. The festival features parades, local products contests, sea Kayak competitions and boat races.

??????? Loi Ruea Chao Le Festival
Loi Ruea Chao Le Festival is a rare festival on Ko Lanta of sea gypsies. The festival is held annually, on the full moon day in the sixth and the eleventh months of the lunar calendar. The sea gypsies on Ko Lanta and from neighbouring areas will gather at the beach near Ban Sala Dan to float boats in the sea in order to bring good luck. The Rong Ngeng, a typical southern dance as well as traditional music, will be performed around the boats.
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